14 of the 20 most destructive fires in California have occurred since 2007.  September and October, with their fierce Santa Ana winds, have historically been the worst time for fires, but experts are now saying that fire season is almost year round.  Considerable rain this past winter is usually good news, but fire officials remind us that 2017 was both one of the wettest on record and the most devastating years for wildfires.

Keeping your family and home prepared ahead of time is crucial to preventing severe fire damage to your home, and keeping your loved ones safe. Preparedness and planning can also make the restoration process easier if your home does experience fire damage.

Our top five tips for preparing for San Diego’s wildfire season

Come up with a Wildfire Action Plan

Having a plan for you and your family is so important to maintaining safety and organization in a wildfire emergency.

Your plan should include:
  • A Local Meeting Place: Your local meeting place should be completely out of fire danger, but close enough to your home for family members to meet. This could be a neighbor’s house or your cross street.
  • Family Communication Plan: Keep important phone numbers written down in your wallet, not just in your phone in case your phone loses power or service.
  • An Evacuation Location: An evacuation location should include your area’s evacuation routes and a place you can stay that is as far from wildfire’s path as you can get.

Emergency Supply Kit

Put together an emergency kit for each member of your family. The kit should include about three day’s supply of all survival essentials (food and water, clothes, prescriptions, important documents, cash).

Home Inventory List

Create an inventory list of valuable items in your home before wildfires even become a threat to your community. Having a list and photos of damaged items will help your insurance company assess the losses and help cover costs. This will significantly lower fire damage costs and make the fire restoration process much easier.

Infographic How To Prepare For Wildfire Season

Tree Health and Removal

Dry brush and dead trees cause wildfires to spread and can make them much harder for firefighters to contain. Make sure to care for your trees and take action to remove dead trees and dry brush.

Defensible Space

Use the “Lean, Green, and Clean” model to create defensible space on your property. Keep at least 30 ft of well-maintained space around your property, known as Zone 1. Cut back any dry vegetation, remove dead trees, and keep this space clear. Zone 2 is the space 100 ft around your home. In Zone 2, grass should not exceed four inches, and space should be kept between any trees or shrubbery.

Certified Restoration San Diego

Certified Restoration Can Help!

Stay smart during wildfire season. Fire damage can create long-term issues on your property and should only be dealt with by an expert fire damage restoration technician. Being prepared in the event of a natural disaster will help keep your family safe and save you time and money if restoration is necessary. Certified Restoration is here for you throughout the restoration process and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No matter the day or time, and type of property, commercial, or residential, Certified Restoration responds quickly following flood, mold, fire, or sewage damage.